AI powered marketplace for non-yielding assets

Asset owners, fund managers, traders and market makers can increase total portfolio returns by turning non-yielding assets such as gold, bonds or bitcoin ETFs into double-digit APY-yielding assets.

Why do traders want to borrow non-yielding assets?

Traders often miss out on big spreads because they can't borrow or trade non-yielding assets cost-effectively, especially in the ETF markets. While it's possible to turn any non-yielding asset into a yielding one, bitcoin ETF stands out as having the greatest potential. It offers a compelling blend of high yield, low correlation and exceptional liquidity - the magic trinity of finance.

Establish a credit line to borrow

Market makers and traders can increase total portfolio returns by leveraging traditional assets, such as bonds, as collateral for OpenEXA credit. This enables low-cost, overnight borrowing of bitcoins for trading purposes.

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Lock your Assets

OpenEXA takes custody of assets at your custodian.

Get a Credit Line

OpenEXA freezes the asset and gives you a credit line.

Borrow with Credit

Borrow bitcoin ETFs or bitcoins with your credit line.

Assets supported on the platform.

Turn your non-yielding assets into yielding assets

Our AI-powered marketplace is designed for bitcoin investors in mind. Your Bitcoins or Bitcoin ETF's will now start making money.
Work smarter, not harder.

Know First, Act Faster!

A head start on the competition

Access to short-duration, high-yield, trading opportunities ahead of the competition.

Opportunities and efficiency

Efficient, low-cost transactions, lightning-fast trading - for high-return ETF spread opportunity.

Only pay for what you use

Extremely low transaction fees and interest charges on intraday-time intervals.

Tax efficiency

Our investment products are designed to be tax smart.

Why OpenEXA?

1 - Turn a non-yielding asset into a yielding asset through vertically integrated asset-based lending with negligible risk.
2 - The ability to earn passive income and the benefits of compounding the value of bitcoin.
3 - OpenEXA enables 24/7 trading, reduced fees and near-instant execution and settlement.