Stable Credit-
Anytime, Anywhere

A hybrid repo platform that brings cryptocurrency to Wall Street. We help fund managers increase total portfolio returns by leveraging traditional assets in the crypto markets.

Why does Wall Street need Stable Credit?

Cryptocurrency embodies a compelling combination of high returns, low correlation and exceptional liquidity - the magic trinity of finance. Despite its undeniable potential to generate alpha, many institutional investors remain on the sidelines, reluctant to enter the market. However, the introduction of credit has the capacity to revolutionize and change this landscape.

Bridging Wall Street Assets to Crypto Markets.

Credit is the largest part of the economy, and it's a form of trust, and trust can be borrowed on the blockchain. By making credit available on-chain, fund managers on Wall Street can increase total portfolio returns.

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Freeze your Traditional Asset

OpenEXA takes custody of your assets (bonds) without changing your custodian.

Get an On-Chain Credit Line

OpenEXA issues a credit line as a credit token (OXA) or as a collateral token (AUT).

Swap your Credit and Trade

You can swap or trade OXA or AUT for stable coins or any other crypto investment.

For the top tokens we offer liquidity. Additionally,
we provide swaps with OXA on various liquidity pools.

Seamlessly integrate a new asset class

Assets with high returns, low correlation and exceptional liquidity are now available 24/7. Work smarter, not harder. Our intelligence and compliance infrastructure was built with Wall Street in mind.

Built for Wall Street. Know First, Act Faster!

Head Start to Opportunities

Access to crypto markets short duration, high return, on-chain Investment opportunities ahead of competition.

Market Efficiency

On-chain credit tokens offer efficient, low-cost transactions and enable lightning-fast trading.

Only Pay for What You Use

Extremely low transaction fees and interest charges on short-time intervals.

Tax Efficiency

Our investment products are designed to be tax smart.

Why OpenEXA?

1 - A hybrid repo platform that brings cryptocurrency to Wall Street.
2 - Opportunity to invest in the magic trinity of finance - high yield, low correlation and liquidity.  
3 - OpenEXA enables 24/7 trading, reduced fees and near-instant execution and settlement.

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