Economic Trust as
On-chain Credit

Revolutionize Trust! How? Unveil the 700 T$ Journey from Wall Street Assets to On-chain Credit.  

$700 Trillion of Economic Trust- Assets available on Wall Street

By mitigating behavioral resistance, it is possible to tokenize a significant portion of available assets.

Borrow the Economic Trust as Decentralized Trust on Blockchain

The tokenized asset borrows the trust of the real world to  leverage it on the blockchain as a decentralized trust.

Transform the Decentralized Trust into On-chain Credit

The decentralized trust is transmuted into on-chain credit, leading to the expansion of the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoins for Wall Street

There are sufficient high quality liquid assets (HQLA), such as bonds, available on Wall Street to serve as collateral.

ETF Traders

On-Chain Credit Market

Lend Bitcoins
BTC Holders

Our Story and Values

After spending over a decade at some of the largest financial institutions, including Bank of America, American Express and Goldman Sachs, and founding Bond Intelligence Inc. Ajit and the team became fascinated with the potential of AI and blockchain in finance. This led to a joint project between Bond Intelligence Inc. and the CFRM program at the University of Washington, where Ajit served as a guest speaker and industry collaborator for the CFRM Class of 2019 (Computational Finance and Risk Management: 525 FinTech, Blockchains, and Cryptocurrencies). Here, he worked with Professor Tim Leung, Ph.D., Endowed Chair Professor of Applied Mathematics and director of the CFRM program. The germ of an idea for OpenEXA was born.

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We recognize that trust is the currency of engagement, and we are committed to engineering the highest standards of smart contracts and AI-powered risk and pricing. In our view, these elements, not marble office buildings on Wall Street, are the cornerstones of trust.

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Artificial Intelligence

OpenEXA Inc. maximizes untapped alpha by leveraging on-chain credit on a hybrid repo platform, using artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data to predict risk and price, and find arbitrage opportunities in financial and crypto markets.

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Navigating the crypto market can be challenging for fund managers due to a complicated regulatory regime, opaque financial institutions and chaotic crypto infrastructure. OpenEXA's triple-entry ledger and CDFi approach is a major step forward in transparency.

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OpenEXA is a team of experienced finance professionals, engineers, data scientists and crypto developers dedicated to working with the industry and community to create high quality products using open source standards. Our belief is that code is law, and data is the foundation of trust, which is the foundation of finance.

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OpenEXA's Hybrid Repo is a CDFi platform that aims to make it easier and more cost-effective for fund managers to acquire, hold and use stable credit instead of stablecoins - a type of cryptocurrency whose value is backed by a stable asset such as a bond. Gain a head start on competitors and significantly reduce the cost of capital.

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Fund managers need on-chain credit, compliant investments, and an operational infrastructure. Simplifying this and providing clear guidance throughout the onramp process is no easy feat. But we believe that by staying true to this goal, we can create an exceptional solution that helps fund managers unlock untapped alpha.

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Our team members have a deep understanding of the complexities of technology and financial markets, including blockchain, cryptocurrency, market data, market trends, investment strategies, risk management, and regulations.

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