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Frequently asked questions

No need to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum - Liquidity pools, wallets and exchanges can now leverage AUTs and OXAs.

What is an OXA margin account with credit tokens?

OXA Margin Account extends a line of credit, increases financial leverage and allows investors to borrow stablecoins or cryptocurrencies using their real-world assets as collateral.

What is the crypto world onramp?

Onramp to the crypto world is like being online on the Internet. If the last thirty years have been defined by the online revolution, we see the next thirty years as the era of onramp.

What is an AUT and what is OXA?

An AUT is a cryptographic representation of a traditional asset. OXA is OpenEXA's credit token backed by AUTs. Tokenization allows these assets to be used as collateral for crypto staking, lending and trading.

How do you make money with crypto investments?

OpenEXA acts as your advisor to maximize returns by leveraging traditional assets and exploring crypto investments. Now you can effortlessly swap credits and trade collateral like a pro.