Dipit Nanawati

SME (Financial Mkt.)

A trusted advisor to some of Wall St.'s largest firms on operational efficiency, compliance and profitability

Dipit Nanawati

About Dipit

As a trusted advisor to some of the largest Wall Street firms, Dipit has provided expert guidance on a range of critical areas including business function optimization, regulatory compliance, revenue recognition, and cost reduction. With expertise in capital markets, as well as trade surveillance and transaction monitoring in key industry verticals such as correspondent banking, broker/dealer, hedge funds, and asset management, he has helped clients achieve greater efficiency, compliance, and profitability in their operations.

Dipit's Experience

He has a deep understanding of the regulatory dimension of financial services: Anti-financial crime (AML, BSA, OFAC, KYC, Enterprise Case Management) and trade surveillance (Dodd-Frank). Integrating data sets, performing analytical calculations, building and configuring models, performing model validation and tuning. He has worked at institutions such as Chainvine (UK - Blockchain), Goldman Sachs (NY), Nomura Securities (NY), Deutsche Bank (NY), Citibank (NY), Nice Actimize (NY), JPmorgan Chase (NY), Barclays Capital (NY), Fluere Analytics (NY), Bank of America Merrill Lynch (NY) and Standard Chartered, Singapore.

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